Welcome to Laravel 5.3 Social and Email Multi-Authentication Live Demo !

This demo is related to tutorial and project from Codingo Tuts

When you see which features this Laravel boilerplate project posses it will make you say:

Aaand the best part, it is FREE!

What is covered?

Email Registration & Login Social Login Email Activation Google Re-Captcha User Roles Redis Qeueu for emails Parsley.js validation Bootstrap 4 Material Design for Bootstrap

Unlimited number of social providers via Socialite package. Live Demo uses:

Facebook Twitter Google+ GitHub

Via Socilite Providers you can easily enable following OAuth logins: 23andme 37Signals 500px AngelList App.net Asana Bit.ly Box Buffer CampaignMonitor Cheddar Coinbase ConstantContact Coursera Dailymile Dailymotion Deezer devianART DigitalOcean Discord Disqus Douban Dribble Dropbox Envato Etsy Eventbrite Everyplay EyeEm Fitbit Flickr Foursquare GitLab Goodreads Heroku Hitbox Human API Imgur Instagram Jawbone Jira Kakao LinkedIn MailChimp Medium Meetup Microsoft Azure Microsoft Live Mixcloud Moves Naver Paymill PayPal Pinterest Podio Pushbullet QQ Rdio Readability Reddit RunKeeper SalesForce Slack SoundCloud SharePoint Spotify StackExchange Steam StockTwits Strava Stripe Trello Tumblr Twitch Uber Venmo VersionOne Vimeo VKontakte Weibo Weixin WordPress Xing xREL Yahoo Yammer Yandex YouTube Zendesk

Adding new Social provider easy as copy/paste login button

Checkout example file where you add new buttons:

After this you only need to add OAuth keys to services.php config file:

Try Register Feature

If you have any improvements or ideas please post comments here: Laravel 5.3 Social and Email Multi-Authentication